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Yotty's golf cars sells all makes and models of new and used golf cars. We are factory authorized dealers of the E-Z-Go line, which includes the two passenger Freedom and the four passenger 4Caddy. These vehicles are available in either electric or gasoline powered models. You're free to choose.

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The electric Freedom's smooth acceleration and long range is due to E-Z-GO's exclusive state-of-the-art Inductive Throttle Sensor and the revolutionary PowerWise solid state energy control which delivers 300 amps of power to take you anywhere you want to go. The electric Freedom has the quietest, most efficient electric power system in the world.

Just as with the electric Freedom, everything about E-Z-GO's gasoline powered personal vehicle is engineered and built to guarantee maximum performance and minimum maintenance. The QuietDrive™ power-train features our exclusive twin cylinder overhead cam engine. The ignition is maintenance-free, and the forced-air cooling system controls engine temperature and keeps the Freedom running cool. The pressurized, filtered oil system provides consistent lubrication, and the vehicle's patented, die-cast aluminum engine frame provides this gentle giant of a powerplant with the stability, security and strength it needs to move you when and where you want to go. At E-Z-GO we know how much your Freedom means to you. We built your new personal vehicle to live up to your expectations, and ours, for years.

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As the leading golf car manufacturer in the world, the E-Z-GO name is synonymous with quality, dependability, and value. And these qualities are standard equipment on every E-Z-GO Freedom. The E-Z-GO Freedom and 4Caddy. Unmatched engineering, innovation and style put them in a class of their own. Don't just take our word for it, drive one and see for yourself what freedom is all about.

The E-Z-GO Freedom features the resilient DuraShield™ body developed by Textron Automotive Company, a premier manufacturer and innovator in the automobile industry. The beauty of DuraShield is much more than skin deep. Talk about tough, it meets the impact requirements of today's automotive exterior body panels. Yet it maintains lasting flexibility, durability and luster.


The E-Z-GO Freedom has the rack and pinion steering system of a sports car, and the suspension system of a luxury automobile. Other exceptional features include integral headlights, dual taillights and brake-lights.

Our optional exclusive Drive Control System™ constantly monitors Freedom's movement and if the vehicle approaches an excessive downhill speed the electric motor gently slows the vehicle, whether or not the key is on or the accelerator is depressed. And should you ever exit the vehicle without applying the parking brake, and the Freedom senses any rolling movement, it will sound a reminder tone and limit roll-away speed.

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